Why the Casinos is Now Unknown More bets

There’s an old saying which states that variety is the spice of life and nowhere is this mantra truer than in the online casino world. Since its inception the iGaming industry has evolved massively and, today, online casinos have a myriad of games to suit players of all persuasions.

Part of this evolution is a result of the changing dynamics of the industry. In the early days of online gaming, the average player was an experienced bettor looking for a new way to play.

However, fast-forward almost two decades and the average gamer looks extremely different. Thanks to the combination of free play tables, social casino games and betting bonuses, more casual players are now anteing up online.

More Games, More Bets and More Fun for You

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways online casinos have become more varied and, importantly, how you can take advantage of this.

More Games

The most obvious example of online casinos expanding their repertoire is their gaming lobbies. For example, the list of games at most sites now includes classics such as blackjack, roulette and slots alongside modern marvels such as red dog, punto banco and oasis poker.

However, what’s most notable about the increase in variety at online casinos is the incorporation of other betting options. In an effort to unite all sides of the betting world, operators now offer casino games, sports betting, poker and bingo in a single platform.

For players, this is fantastic news because you should always be willing to switch betting mediums in order to achieve the maximum EV possible. Mixing low and high variance games (i.e. blackjack and slots) is one of the best ways to level out your results and enhance your overall win rate.

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Lower Limits

Offering more games is great, but if players can’t afford to play them then it’s pointless. Fortunately, the top operators have addressed this issue by offering low limit games costing as little as £0.01 in some instances (this is mainly for slot games).

If you’re not quite ready to spend some real money, then the majority of platforms will offer free play games. The idea behind these tables is simple: try before you buy. The reason you’ll now find more free and low limit games online is thanks to sites like Facebook.

Since social casino games have become popular (the industry is now worth more than $2.8 billion globally), operators have jumped on this bandwagon and started to offer more games of this nature. This is great for you as a player because each free table is a chance for you to test out new skills; skills which you can then use to boost your EV in the real money arena.

Better Bonuses

The final area where online casinos have become more varied is in their bonuses. Instead of simply offering you cash, most sites will now add in a host of additional incentives, such as free spins, free sports bets and luxury gifts.

Naturally, taking advantage of this development is easy as you simply have to meet the bonus criteria and you’ll find more cash and prizes falling into your lap. In fact, when it comes to the diversification of the iGaming industry as a whole, it’s good news for everyone. As long as you get out there and play, you’ll quickly see why variety really is the spice of life in the betting world.

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